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Commercial goat farming in India is becoming very popular day by day. As goat farming is a proven highly profitable business idea so, the popularity of this business is increasing rapidly in India. It is also one of the finest and established livestock management department in the country.
Huge market demand and proper spread ensures fast profitability and sustainability of this business for long term. But the commercial goat farming and it’s market in India have been adopted by some large and progressive producers, industrialists, businessman and large companies.
This type producers or large companies control a citable portion of the total market. Continuously increasing demand of goat meat and milk in India is a hope for widely spreading this industry. In India, the goats are among the main meat producing animals. Most of the people prefer goat meat and has a huge domestic demand.


Benefits of Goat Farming In India

There are some benefits of domestic or commercial goat farming. If you want to start goat farming business then you must read the benefits of raising goats.
  • Goats are multi purpose animal which can produce milk, meat, fiber, skin together.
  • Compared to cow and other livestock farming, goat farming requires less space and additional facilities.They have a less demand of housing and other management. In small scale production they are also able to share their homes with their owners and his/her other livestock.
  • Production costs like infrastructure, feeding and treatment are less. It is really very easy to maintain a goat farm compared to other farm animals. Goats can adopt themselves with almost all types of agro-climatic conditions. And diseases are less in goats.
  • They are smaller in size but reach slaughter age faster. Goat products like meat and milk has no religious taboo. And highly accepted for consumption throughout the world.